The Wild Haggis

A video about the wild haggis that roams the Highlands of Scotland. Illustrated, animated, narrated.

The Tale of the Wild Haggis was a project produced by January 25, 2014 - the Burns Night - a traditional Scottish celebration of the national poet Robert Burns.
There's been rumours and legends regarding the mystical creature - the Wild Haggis. We took an attempt to capture it on film, thus dedicating this little video to its uniqueness. 
My part of the project consisted of creating illustrations of the wild haggis, a few brief animations, filming additional intro, and editing the whole video together. 
Voiceover: John Kielty.
The Wild haggis illustraiton for a brochure commissioned by VisitScotland.
Illustrations for the Haggis Book of Legends
The wild haggis caught on camera...
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