Swaddling Clothes

Illustrations of Yukio Mishima's short story Swaddling Clothes - for a joined exhibition.

This project was a part of a joined exhibition that ran at Arusha Gallery (Edinburgh) in November 2013.

The images, created by mixed media - monoprint + collage + paint - were to illustrate a short story by Yukio Mishima. "Shinbungami" simply translated as "newspapers".
The story follows Toshiko, a delicate young woman, married to an actor in post-war Japan, when active westernisation started and shook some fundamental traditions. She recently experienced an event that left her deeply traumatised: a nanny of her own two-year-old baby gave birth to a bastard child in their living-room, right on the floor. The doctor urgently called to the house to help with the birth, out of spite wrapped up the newborn into newspapers and left it on the floor. Toshiko was offended by such treatment, and wrapped the baby into soft flannels, and left it on the armchair. This incident got her thinking of the future that brings to this "newspaper"-baby and her own child. Would they ever meet? How would this person feel knowing he'd been wrapped in newspapers upon being born into the world? What effect would that have on him? What would he do if ever met Toshiko's son?..
Delicacy.                                                                          Sacrifie.
Pitch Dark Solid Whiteness.
                       Swaddling Cothes.                                                                        Silence.
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