A clip for an Animal Protection Org

This is a charity video, for an autumn campaign of Estonian Animals Protection Organisation (ELS). The goal is to stop people abandoning their pets in summer houses... when summer's passed.

I was given a poster of these two characters (a dog and a cat sitting under a grill) - made by another talented Estonian illustrator. My task was to make a 20 sec animation based on that. 
The audio track was recorded by other volunteers.
Here is a poster with those lovely characters. 
It says:
"Summer's gone.
Things are packed.
All family members are along?"
It was a pleasure to work on this small project.
I do hope it will make at least a small difference in the end. When people see it, maybe they think about their small, weak and totally dependent on them family members. Maybe it will prevent them from hurting them, those who trust in us, for we've extended our responsibility to take care of them.
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